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Supercharge your website by adding our Content Delivery Network X service to your hosting plan.  A content delivery network or CDN is a distributed, redundant network that serves your website’s elements such as pictures and files from geographically distributed endpoints called points of presence.  When a visitor comes to your website, those elements will be served from the point of presence closest to their location.    

So how does it help?

A CDN means your website will load faster, it can handle more traffic, and it can provide a more consistent experience to your visitors no matter where they are.   

Does my website need a Content Delivery Network?

Technically speaking, no.  In fact, most small business websites do not utilize this technology simply because they are either not aware of it, or it seems daunting to setup.

Xtego makes it easy and affordable

We can quickly and easily implement our CDN on your WordPress website.  With our CDN, you pay for only what you use.  Our competitive pricing can save you up to 18% over some of the competition.

What does it cost? 

Most small business websites use less than 50GB of bandwidth each month.  Using 50GB to calculate month CDN expenses looks like this:

50GB x 0.07 = $3.50

For more questions regarding our CDN, pricing or to add this feature to your website, give us a call.  


*information last updated September 1, 2022.

**usage is calculated by rounding to the next whole GB.

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