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why choose xtego?

#1 - Experienced

We have over 10 years of experience in web development, network maintenance, and computer and server sales and service.  Our history has proved that we are not afraid of change in the direction of progress.

#2 - Local

We love the Williamsport area.  It’s not just our city, it’s also our home.  And while we have worked with clients from all over the U.S., our focus is Williamsport and its surrounding areas.  Keeping things local really helps us carry out #3.

#3 - Relational

We love our customers, and we want them to love us back!  One of the best ways we’ve found to do that is maintain on-going relationships with our clients.  We want to understand their businesses and their needs, so it goes without saying that our relationships with our customers thrive on the “first name basis” and open lines of communication.

#4 - Small

My dad once told me, “Son, dynamite is small too.”  At Xtego, we believe our small size is an advantage, not a hindrance.  It allows us to work without the overhead.  This lets us respond quickly and keeps costs down.

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