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It can be difficult to categorize Xtego’s areas of expertise.  Web technologies are what we do best, but our service offerings don’t stop there.  Rather than conform to a single technology or field, we love bringing multiple technologies together in harmony, and our clients have come to trust us to find creative solutions to modern business needs.  

Website Design

We provide website design and development services for all types of businesses and organizations.  We’re WordPress experts.  We can help develop a WordPress website, or update or maintain your existing site.  Not happy with your current host?  We’ll transfer your website to Xtego where you’ll experience support on a first name basis- the way it should be.  

Business Email

Xtego is one of the largest email solutions providers in the area.  We process hundreds of thousands of emails every single day.  If you’re looking for the best email experience for your business, then look no further than Xtego.  We provide email solutions from both Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace.

Mass Email

Xtego provides mass email marketing that fully integrates with your website.  Compare our prices to Constant Contact.  At just $1 for every 1000 emails sent, email marketing is a cost effective way to communicate with your clients.  

Design Services

If you’re looking for logo design, print materials, or other electronic design, Xtego may be able to help.  Business cards, brochures, billboards, banners, apparel and so much more.

Digital Signage

Xtego provides a high-quality, reliable, digital signage solution that can be used for businesses or organizations who want to get a message to clients or visitors.  We provide a cloud-based signage solution allowing you to display your ads, menus, building directories, videos, or even web pages for a low monthly fee.   Powerful scheduling options allow you display the right content at the right time.  Ask us about digital signage today.

Live Video Solutions

The pandemic of 2020 changed the way lot of the businesses and organizations operate.  In particular, many churches introduced live video streams of their service online.  There’s lots of pieces that go into a live video solution and Xtego can help you plan and deploy solutions to help you do it right. 

Managed Wifi and Networks

We offer managed wifi and networking solutions for all types of businesses and organizations.  In wifi deployments, even for small businesses, it’s important to segregate your business network from your guest internet access.  We provide secure, firewalled solutions to keep your business safe while deploying guest internet access.  Managed wifi means security updates and alerts can be taken care of remotely.  We provide wifi and networking services to: 

  • Hotels/Motels
  • Cafes/Restaurants
  • Churches
  • Small to Medium Businesses
Computer Sales

Xtego is a registered Dell reseller.  We can offer recommendations on computers based on your needs, and our pricing is always competative on business laptops, desktops, and servers.  

Managed IT Service

As a managed service provider (MSP), Xtego has been providing IT services for small to medium-sized businesses for over 10 years.  We can deploy, maintain, and secure IT infrastructure for all types of applications.  

Telephone, Voice, and Video Conferencing

Xtego has deployed modern phone systems and PBX solutions that meet the needs of small to medium businesses.  Modern solutions encompass telephone, voice and video conferencing needs.  Looking to deploy a remote workforce or work-from-home employees?  These modern voice solutions can give your workforce the tools they need to stay in touch whether working from the office or at home.   

Office 365

Xtego is proud a Microsoft partner.  We can provide your business or organization with managed Office 365 licenses for your email and desktop productivity needs.  Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher, OneDrive, Exchange, Teams and more.  

Custom - Outside of the box

This could be our favorite category.  It’s custom solutions that allow us to bring together creativity, knowledge and experience of a wide range of technologies to the problems our clients bring us.  Review the case studies below for examples of custom solutions we’ve provided.  If you’re unsure if your request is possible, it never hurts to ask. Give us a call or fill out the form below.  

Case Study #1 – Scorz Bar and Grill – Live Scores Scoreboard


Visit Scorz Bar and Grill in Williamsport, PA during football season and you’ll see a scoreboard on the wall.  What may seem like a simple ambiance sports bar piece is actually a technical masterpiece.

Scorz Bar and Grill is part of a larger sports complex that was renovated in 2018.  The removal of basketball courts left a couple unused scoreboards behind.

The Idea – Wouldn’t it be cool if that scoreboard could be used to display live scores during football games?

The Solution –  We reached out to the manufacturer of the score board to find out if there were alternative ways of interfacing with the scoreboard.  We located a live internet feed which provided NFL game information in real time.  We wrote a custom program which allowed the bartender to choose the game to be displayed.  The scoreboard would then update the score, possession, down, yards to go, period and time remaining every 30 seconds.   When not is use, the scoreboard can be set to generate fake scores and information, creating a sports bar ambiance when no games are active.

Technologies/Services Used:  

  • Website – a front end interface allowing the bartender or manager to choose the game or set the scoreboard mode when not in use.
  • Custom Programming – a custom application was written for the purpose of interacting with the NFL live scores feed, converting that information into a format that could be used by the scoreboard.
  • Printed Decals – custom decals were designed and printed to convert the basketball scoreboard into one for football, covering previous text and converting it “DOWN” and “Y.T.G.” (yards to go).
  • Hardware Interfacing – Interfacing a computer with a piece of hardware like this scoreboard was done via an old, but reliable technology, RS-485 Serial.
  • Networking  – The computer that powers this scoreboard is actually located hundreds of feet away in a data center.  The serial connection was sent over existing network infrastructure.

We brought all of these technologies together to provide a seamless and, if we do say so, very cool and unique solution for this restaurant that you won’t find anywhere else.


* Sadly, in 2020 the NFL stopped providing their live game feed rendering our program partially useless.  The scoreboard is still used in standby mode providing random game information for the sports bar ambiance. 

Case Study #2 – Susquehanna health foundation – Interactive Donor Kiosks


One of Susquehanna Health Foundation’s initiatives is to recognize over 11,000 people who have donated to the foundation over the years.  Susquehanna Health Foundation contracted with Xtego to provide a solution for this recognition in the form of an interactive, touch screen kiosk in each of the 5 area hospitals.

The Problem:

The existing kiosks being used were decentralized.  This meant all updates required had to be performed once for each kiosk.  This created expensive management fees with the existing vendor.

The Solution:

Xtego created a centralized, web-based kiosk for the Foundation which was much easier to update and replicate as the Health System expanded.

Technologies/Services Used:  

  • Website – the core technology used behind this kiosk is an internal website.
  • Custom Programming – custom JavaScript was developed to make the donor recognition software user friendly.
  • Networking  – Each kiosk is powered by a computer which runs 24/7.  Remote power switches enable Xtego to power cycle the kiosk remotely in the event it becomes unresponsive.
  • Security – the kiosk application is locked down via software and firewall technologies to prevent tampering with the local computer and to ensure that the application can only be visited at each hospital location.

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