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Does my small business need a website in 2023?

Does my small business need a website in 2023?

As the world continues to move towards a more digital landscape, having a website for your small business has become more important than ever before. In fact, not having a website in 2023 could mean losing out on potential customers, clients, and revenue. Here are...

Should I backup my website?

Should I backup my website?

Simply answer?  Yes.  There is a misconception that just because something is stored in the cloud that it doesn't need to be backed up.  Data loss in the cloud is uncommon, but not unheard of.  More common is data compromise.   For example, WordPress is the most...

Microsoft 365 – New Commerce Experience

Microsoft will be changing their Microsoft and Office 365 licensing plans beginning March 1, 2022 to what they are calling the New Commerce Experience.  Xtego Networks has been an official Microsoft Partner for many years, and we are committed to providing Office 365...

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