Earn a $100 Credit. Easy.

What’s most important?

Our Customers, of course

Our customers are the most important part of Xtego.  Well, that, and providing a great product.  Good support;  good support is also important.   Okay, I guess there are a lot of things we’d consider to be priorities, but we never take for granted how we got here.



Did you know that Xtego has grown almost entirely from existing customers referring their friends, family, and business contacts?  We love referrals and recognize that they are a critical piece of our continued growth and success.  That’s why we’re introducing our brand-new referral program to our existing customers.  It’s easy; we promise.  



Refer.  Earn Credit.

We’ve tried to make referrals as simple as possible.  (Please note that you must be an existing Xtego customer to take advantage of this program.)

    1. Use the on this page to refer businesses or organizations to Xtego’s web design service.


    1. Have your referred contact reach out to us.


    1. When your referred contact becomes a customer and makes their first payment, we’ll apply a $100 service credit to your Xtego account.


  1. Repeat.

If you have questions regarding our referral program, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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Every Business is different

(so are business phone systems)