Susquehanna Broadband

Susquehanna Broadband

Susquehanna Broadband

Website Design and Development, Logo Design

Susquehanna Broadband was a brand new start up in the WISP space.  (That’s wireless ISP for all you home gamers out there)  (That’s Wireless Internet Service Provider for everyone else).  Susquehanna Broadband was in search of a look to build their brand.

Logo designs don’t have to be complicated.  In fact, some of the most iconic brands out there are simple and refined.  In the case of Susquehanna Broadband, we were really hoping to showcase a couple things:

  1. The Susquehanna River.  It is, after all, what makes the Susquehanna Valley
  2. The concept of Wireless.

One thing we definitely didn’t want to do was the, almost stereotypical, tower and radio waves concept.  While it’s not a terrible idea, this concept has been over used in this space, and we wanted Susquehanna Broadband to be set apart and unique.

We were quite pleased with the result… and so were the owners.




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