wifi networking
Wi-Fi devices are becoming more and more popular everyday, and if you own a cafe, restaurant, or even a hotel without wireless internet access, then you're behind the times. But no worries, Xtego makes it easy to bring your business up to speed. We offer full networking monitoring, remote assistance, and 24-hour support! We offer two solutions to add Wi-Fi to your establishment:

  1. Leased
    Under our leased Wi-Fi solution, you pay a flat low monthtly rate for wireless service in your establishment. While equipment failures are generally minimal, you can rest assured that any necessary repairs, reconfigurations, or service calls won't cost you a dime!

  2. Owned
    Prefer to buy? No problem. Our owned equipment plan lets you pay one low installation fee. After that, we offer networking monitoring services or you can just call us when you need us. The choice is yours.

In additon, we offer:
  • Free Estimates
  • Multi-Site Discounts
  • Wireless Network Security

Want to learn more? Contact us today. We'll be happy to answer your questions.
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